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Electronic cigarettes sprout on Boston shelves

July 12, 2013

Electronic Cigarettes Retailer Vapor Jedi Launches New Canadian Website

Spots from smaller companies, such as Logic, are popping up on hip-hop radio stations, promoting summer concerts. And in Internet ads, a sexy woman in a stylish hat, looking like a character straight out of the popular Mad Men TV show, promotes the e-cigs brand, which has packaging that features the slogan, For a healthier lifestyle. The marketing borrows a page from glitzy tobacco company commercials that filled the airwaves before a federal ban on TV and radio cigarette ads four decades ago. (E-cigarettes are not considered tobacco products, so they are not covered by the federal restriction.) Quang Tran is already sold. The 28-year-old former tobacco smoker, who runs his familys Green Garden Liquor & Deli in Hyde Park, started selling e-cigarettes last month, after several customers asked for them.
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Electronic Cigarette Company Reaches Milestone

The new site features Vapor Jedi’s exclusive line of eJuice, offered in over 50 flavor selections with or without nicotine. Electronic cigarettes have been receiving a lot of media attention lately, but many still ask the question, are electronic cigarettes legal. Health Canada has sent out letters to nicotine vendors asking them to stop selling the products, and several European countries have recently passed legislation classifying similar products as medical devices, which limits and prevents their sale and purchase. However, though it may seem a legal “gray area,” no retailer has been charged with a crime related to selling electronic cigarettes in Canada. Although they are gaining popularity, there are still many misconceptions surrounding electronic cigarettes.
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While this may be a “drop in the bucket” for its competitors, it warrants a celebration for the fast growing company, which has only been around for a little over a year. EC Smokes also reports that the company is quickly closing in on its target number of online customers. And while the company has less stores then its competitors, its stores report that EC smokes has been outselling the leading brands by more than two-to-one. This is partly because EC Smokes offer three flavor cartridges in its premium electronic cigarette starter kits compared to its rivals, whose kits come with only two cartridges. This is Equivalent to a full extra pack of cigarettes for a lower price. And just to clear things up…
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