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Antismoking groups push for veto of R.I. e-cigarette legislation

July 17, 2013

The legislation comes as more attention is being focused on the products, which have been widely distributed for less than a decade. But with no federal regulations yet, states such as Rhode Island seeking to impose laws are faced with a basic but critical question: how to define an e-cigarette. Nine states, including Vermont and New Hampshire, have revised their definition of tobacco products to include e-cigarettes and other related products, according to Kevin OFlaherty, advocacy director for the national Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. That subjects them to the same taxes, regulations and licensing requirements as traditional cigarettes and cigars. It is also consistent with what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has said it intends to do if and when it adopts its own regulations, according to OFlaherty.
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E-cigarette maker targets Colorado

My husband asked if I had nail polish in the car. I looked around and I saw the battery to the (e-cigarette) dripping. I went to unscrew it and the battery started shooting fire toward me and then exploded and shot the metal pieces onto my lap, she said. Ries told CBS2s Serene Branson that her cotton dress caught fire. A blowtorch type of fire and then an explosion, she said. Xavier said he immediately got the car into the emergency lane.
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Corona Couple Sues After E-Cigarette Battery Explodes In Car

Above all, we are a company that cares for the health of our customers. We understand that they are going through a difficult time, and we want to help, the company announced. John Paul Pollock of The Vapor Store in Golden described e-cigarettes as a dignified alternative for people who smoke. However, Walton rejects comparison to other stop-smoking products such as the FDA-approved nicotine patch and nicotine-infused gum. There is no research that shows that (e-cigarettes) are an effective cessation or stop-smoking aid or device, she said.
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