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Editorial: LIRR is right to ban e-cigarettes

July 19, 2013

Electronic Cigarette Company Launches New Website

However, the long-term risks of inhalation are not clear. A German cancer institute reviewed research on e-cigarettes and said secondhand exposure may raise a child’s risk for asthma. Further, the German study said: “Adverse health effects for third parties exposed cannot be excluded because the use of electronic cigarettes leads to emission of fine and ultrafine inhalable liquid particles, nicotine and cancer-causing substances into indoor air.” As the devices are touted as an aid to quit smoking, U.S. cigarette makers are jumping into the market with flavors that include strawberry and pina colada. Meanwhile, the FDA is studying e-cigarette health effects and whether to regulate the devices as it regulates tobacco. As with tobacco, it’s not necessarily the risk to smokers themselves that creates concern, but to those who, in public spaces like trains, have no choice but to inhale secondhand vapor.
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Electronic Cigarette Coupon Code Master List of 2013 Revealed by

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A person smokes an electronic cigarette, or

“Well, Electronic Cigarettes do work and they did help me quit smoking cigarettes. My wife, sister in law, brother in law and countless other friends and family have quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes. In fact, I personally know of at least 2 dozen people that have been able to kick the habit of traditional cigarettes by using an e-cigarette. You don’t have to take my word for it – Try it for yourself,” added Kenneth. Vapor Hale’s goal is to make e-cigarettes available to anyone and everyone (older than 18 yrs) that smokes cigarettes or dips snuff. “E-cigarettes can work and you can quit!
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Chafee vetoes electronic cigarette legislation

It has also been noticed that smoking enthusiasts in their millions have started to take serious notice of vapor cigarettes ever since they shot to fame in the year 2007, which in turn also happens to be the year when they were officially introduced in the international market. Click here to check out the electronic cigarette coupon code master list In the year 2013, more and more smoking enthusiasts have decided to do away with regular cigarettes as these are laden with ash, tar, tobacco as well as the highly toxic and cancer causing carcinogens. Instead, such serious smokers are seeking alternatives that shall permit them to continue smoking, yet prove to be less harmful for their health as well as less harmful for the overall environment. Owing to this very reason, numerous smokeless cigarette brands have started to emerge in the international market, making the competition amongst such brands rather fierce.
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