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Growing e-cigarette trend raises safety concerns

July 22, 2013

Social Media Find whatever you’re looking for with Totally Local Yellow Pages Posted Jul 14, 2013 @ 10:00 PM Last update Jul 14, 2013 @ 10:22 PM Video Retailers Brace for Lower Back-to-School Sales E-cigarettes remain in a regulatory haze in Illinois. The one bill sent to Gov. Pat Quinn in the spring legislative session bans sale of the cigarette alternative to anyone younger than 18. But the debate continues on just how to regulate e-cigarettes. About all that both sides agree on is that some type of regulation is coming with the growing popularity of the products.
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eSmokers – Breaking the Law or Just Our Patience?


A transplant from Houston who moved to California about eight years ago, he was running a guitar-repair business at 4103 N. Viking Way, Suite D, until Blake Robinson, a 20-year-old vaper, walked into the store one day. Robinson was vaping, and Demetra grew interested. The shop was soon transformed into a hub for vapers, with one guitar encased on a wall, and Robinson behind the counter, sharing his zeal for vapes.
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Makers of electronic cigarettes are enjoying a booming marketplace even as they keep wary eye on the Food and Drug Administration, which is expected to release proposed regulations of the nicotine-vapor-peddling category this fall. The lack of federal regulations on e-cigarettesin contrast to tight rules on traditional smokeshas given companies a long leash. Sales of the products are projected to double to $1 billion, with about 250 different brands, all without nationwide restrictions on advertising, Internet sales, flavorings or even the age of buyers. But those days are numbered. Vivien Azer, a Citigroup tobacco analyst, said the lack of federal regulations has given e-cig companies “some breathing room” to grow.
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E-cig sellers jockey for market position before FDA issues regulations

Seattle and Tacoma the bans are largely ignored. I have no clue what you have in NYC that smells like burning toe cheese. seanjkil If you want to attack e-smoking I would stick with the fact that there is no regulation of the places that create the e-liquid nor any regulation of the contents of whats actually in the e-liquid. Once there is actual regulation of this substance and the places that manufacture it I believe e-cigarettes will become a much safer and viable substitute compared to smoking.
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