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Electronic cigarettes: No smoking, but lots of fuming

July 29, 2013

Vapor trail may lead to big sales for e-cig shops

The bustling Vapor Spot attracts 18-year-olds to seniors, but mostly people in their 20s and 30s, Jenkins says. The blue-and-orange-walled store, which opened in 2009, was the first brick-and-mortar vape store in the country, he says. Customers can sit at one of six “bars” with a bartender to try the different flavors of juice. Vapers note that their e-choice is still less harmful than cigarettes, and more pleasant in taste and smell, even if they must go outside to indulge. Nonetheless, there is still risk to the person puffing on an e-cigarette, if the juice contains nicotine. Even without the chemicals in traditional cigarettes, nicotine is bad for cardiovascular health and pregnant women, Siegel says.
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Can electronic cigarettes help smokers kick the traditional habit?



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The New Tobacco Shop is Here: E-Cigarette Store Opens in Manhattan

Instructional videos are popping up on YouTube showing people how to use e-cigarettes to take drugs, even reviewing certain models. Theres a lot of people who try to abuse it, said Barry Gray, who owns Smokers Vapor in St. Petersburg, Fla. She says shes helped hundreds of people leave cigarettes behind. But shes also seen other local merchants selling similar devices specifically designed for marijuana and hash. There are devices, vaporizers and the like, that are sold specifically for such purposes, said a woman who identified herself only as Ashley, who works at a local smoke shop.
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E-cigarette vapor devices being used to smoke pot, police say

SH13G195ECIGARETTES July 23, 2013 -- Mike Huber, a sales representative at the ECig Crib in Coon Rapids, Minn., shows an e-cigarette. (SHNS photo by Anna Reed / Minneapolis Star Tribune) (Newscom TagID: shnsphotos147239.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]$RETURN$$RETURN$

“You don’t stink, your hair doesn’t smell, you can’t burn holes in your clothes,” said Spike Babaian, 39, co-owner of Vape New York. “You can use them in most places because they don’t produce smoke.” The high-tech devices feature a rechargeable battery and a choice of dozens of flavors of vapor, including berry, vanilla mint and tobacco. E-cigarette smokers looking for a nicotine rush can v2 e cig vs green smoke add that in as well, choosing one of five different levels depending on how much they want. “They don’t produce carbon monoxide.
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E Cigarette Reviewed Gets Back to Basics with New Review of Seminole Electronic Cigarettes

Press Release: E Cigarette Reviewed Fri, Jul 19, 2013 11:00 AM EDT Related Content TUSTIN, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– E Cigarette Reviewed has announced the release of a review on Seminole eCigs answering questions about the brands quality, vapor production, flavor and ultimate value. Electronic cigarettes have been around for many years now, and the industry has grown considerably. In fact, it has become difficult for consumers to find authentic reviews and information to inform their purchase decisions. E Cigarette Reviewed has changed all that. Seminole eCigs actually arent new they were developed through a partnership between the now-defunct Safe Cig and the Seminole tribe of Florida.
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E-Cigarette Shop Hopes to Convert Smokers on Lower East Side

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